Current Cars

Each year, we dedicate ourselves to push the limits of performance and build the next generation of racecars. Explore our vehicles below.

2020-2021 EV

Columbia University Formula Racing is re-designing our electric vehicle this year. After preparing our EV last year and realizing some design challenges, we decided to make big changes to the chassis, accumulator, and more. We look forward to competing in the EV competition at FSAE North this summer of 2021.

2020-2021 IC

In addition to our electric vehicle, Columbia University Formula Racing is continuing its legacy of racing IC cars! After over a semester of hard work last year that was unfortunately interrupted, our team is preparing and testing our car to compete in FSAE Michigan. Ware excited for another fun and educational year of building race cars!

Our Past Cars

2019-2020 EV

75kW Drivetrain

18" 300V, 5.4kWh battery pack

Weight: 465 lbs

Ride height: 1" p>

Center of gravity height: 13"

Track width Front/Rear: 48"/46"

4130 steel space-frame chassis

2019-2020 IC

Wheel base: 61"

Track width Front/Rear: 48"/46"

Weight: 480 lbs

Ride height: 1"

Center of gravity height: 13"

4130 steel space-frame chassis

2018-2019 IC

Overall Dimensions:

Length: 2875 mm

Width: 1455 mm

Height: 1099 mm

Weight: 450 kg

Weight Distribution: 45% front

2017-2018 IC

Overall Dimensions:

Length: 2457 mm

Width: 1435 mm

Height: 1130 mm

Weight: 214 kg

Weight Distribution: 48% front

2015-2016 IC